Viewing Student Work in Schoology

The learning management system Schoology is used by students in grades K to 12. Why Schoology?

It is the No. 1 learning management system for students. Teachers can provide students with access to files, links, videos and collect student work, plus provide academic feedback. It offers online testing possibilities and gives parents access. Plus, it is easy to use.

Parents can create accounts using an access code given to them by their student's teacher. Once parents have access, they can communicate with teachers, view work and assessments.

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Download Schoology How-To Guides

We offer Schoology How-To Guides for students and parents in multiple languages and step-by-step instruction for creating a parent account.


Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting Up a Parent Account in Schoology

Before You Begin, Make Sure You Have the Access Code From Your Child's School


  1. In your web browser on your device, navigate to
  2. Click "Register" to begin setting up your Schoology parent account.
  3. Under Sign Up for Schoology, click "Parent."
    1. You should have been provided with a Schoology parent access code from your child's school.
  4. Enter that code and click "Continue."
  5. Enter your name, email address and a password that you create.
  6. Click "Register" to complete the process.
To Access Your Child's Account

To access your child's account, click on your name in the upper right corner.

Do You Have More Than One Child in a Metro School?
  1. If you have more than one child enrolled in MNPS, you can add them by clicking the "Add Child" button and entering their unique parent access code. This will allow you to quickly view all of your children's classes from your parent account.
  2. Select your child's name and the drop down. Here you can see your students recent activity, enrollments, upcoming to-do list and recently completed tasks.
How To See Student Courses in Schoology

Click a course to access it. You can review grades and academic feedback. see upcoming tests for your course updates and access any information posted by the teacher.

Need Help?

Contact your student's teacher for more information.